Sally Reid
Chamber Opera, Healing
These scenes can be performed with piano or an 8-piece chamber ensemble (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, bass-guitar, synthesizer and percussion). The audio examples below are ARIAs extracted from the respective scenes.

Scene 1: "The Unjust Judge" for soprano, mezzo-soprano and baritone 
Scene 2: "In My Time" for opera cast ensemble
Scene 3: "I Will Soar" for mezzo-soprano and baritone (or concert aria for mezzo-soprano)
Scene 4: "I Have Seen", for baritone and bass/baritone(or concert aria for bass/baritone)

“I Have Seen,” performed by Charles Nelson

Scene 5: "Life is not Yours to Give" for mezzo-soprano and baritone 
Scene 6: "I Will Arise" (concert aria for bass/baritone)

“I Will Arise,” performed by Charles Nelson

Scene 7: "Everything" for baritone and mezzo-soprano (or concert aria for mezzo-soprano)

l to r: librettist Chris Willerton; composer Sally Reid; basso, Charles Nelson.

Scene 8: "All Who Suffer" for opera cast ensemble 

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