Sally Reid
 Music for Historical Documentaries
	•	Japanese Internment Camps
                music from In Progress documentary about the
internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, Old Segundo Productions.
	1.	Ode to Justice
	2.	Melancholy Presence   
	•	British War Brides
                music for the historical documentary:To Have and To Hold: British War Brides
	1.	To Have and To Hold 
	2.	Sorrows 
	3.	Swingin' Yesterday 
	•	Dry Gulcher Down
                music for the historical documentary "Dry Gulcher Down," 
                Fortress Fanfare 
                Ridgewell Night 
                Danger Sequence 

Cokedale Waltz
music for historical documentary: Colorado Mining Camps

Experimental Film 
          •    Fear Encompassing and Scary Nacht, two horror film studies
	•	Doppler RacesDoppler Races, for experimental short film 
	•	From Ashes Rising, orchestral study