Sally Reid Audio Samples
    •    A Common Thread, music for art gallery show,
art by Jill Maxwell, February 2005.
    Music for Historical Documentaries
    •    music from In Progress documentary about the
internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII,
 Old Segundo Productions.
    1.    Ode to Justice
    2.    Melancholy Presence  
    •    music for the historical documentary:To Have and To Hold: British War Brides
    1.    To Have and To Hold 
    2.    Sorrows
    3.    Swingin' Yesterday
    •    music for the historical documentary "Dry Gulcher Down,"
                Fortress Fanfare
                Ridgewell Night
                Danger Sequence

    Experimental Film
          •    Fear Encompassing, a horror film study
    •    Doppler Races, for experimental short film
    •    From Ashes Rising , orchestral study
    Selected Chamber Works
    •    Fiuggi Fanfare, saxophone quintet
    •    Carousel Fantasy, brass quintet and synthesized carousel
                Elegy (for clarinet and piano)
    Vocal Works
                      Jesus, Redeemer, Messiah
                from the Chamber Opera Healing
                    I Will Arise
                    I Have Seen
                      A Rainbow Shines There
Selected audio samples from a variety of projects – Links lead to composition catalog pages with additional information about the works, including program notes and scores.
Audio Samples