Sally Reid

Reid’s Fiuggi Fanfare was released in March 2010 on the SCI CD series. Entitled “Mosaic,” the CD is offered on PARMA Recordings’ Navona Records label and is distributed by NAXOS. Allmusic review refers to the work as “three minutes and 14 seconds of pure joy.”
Sally Reid

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Aesthetic Statement...
Reid's compositions include works in both acoustic and electro-acoustic media. Her works employ tonality in a way that is both fresh and approachable. Her compositions have been referred to as "stunning and whimsical" (MCF, Nov. 1993) and "charmingly demented" ( ILWC Journal, June 1994).
Her series for tape and soloist(s) explores the expressive qualities common between instrument and synthesizer. Reid's Sorrow's Moment: a rhapsody for orchestra and digital sounds, includes the real-time synchronization of sequenced synthesis with orchestra. 
Reid’s recent compositional work has focused on orchestral realizations for historical documentaries and experimental film.